The 29th Annual Kwan Yin Invitational Tennis Tournament the largest and oldest local Annual Tennis event in Grand Bahama was held over this 2010 Emancipation Day Holiday weekend at the Kwan Yin Tennis Court in Freeport, from Saturday, July 31st to Monday, August 2nd 2010.

In the open draw the Champion in the Men’s Singles division Ashwood Hall defeated Rodney ‘Hot Rod” Carey 6-4. The Ladies Singles Champion is Jessie Bastian who defeated Terah Smith 6-4. Jackson Bartlett and Terah Smith defeated David Thompson and Jessie Bastian in Mixed Doubles 6-4. The Men’s open Doubles was won by Rodney “Hot Rod” Carey and Dr. Almira who defeated David Thompson and Ashwood Hall 7-5.

In the Special Draw the Men’s Singles Champion is Demetrius Taylor who beat last year’s Champion Larry Hall 7-6 and in the Men’s Doubles Special Draw was won by Vince “Gun Slinger” Pennerman and Bishop Ben Ferguson who defeated Glen Smith and Drexel Porter 6-4.  

The organizers of the 2010 Championships wish to thank Mr. Jethro Miller, Attorney-at-Law for acting as patron of the tournament and all tennis players, fans, supporters and families who came out and joined in the fun, games and fellowship in Celebration of Freedom this August Monday Emancipation Holiday Weekend 2010 in record numbers ensuring this was the best attended local tennis event ever.